Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Documentary: Save the Last Chance - The Entrepreneurial Escape

This documentary intends to bust various myths regarding starting up new businesses as taught in MBAs programs and explains an alternative methodology to set up one's own business with the available resources. The documentary ends with a 'Prolog' which is meant to be a beginning, an initiation rather for the aspiring ones to take entrepreneurship as a career option, The methodology presented here is successfully being utilized by many PAFKIET students, some of whom are already mentioned at the end of this video, complete list however is available at

Dr. Irfan Hyder, Dean, CBM; 
Dr. Shahid, Associate Director, Center of Entrepreneurial Development, IBA; 
Mirza Raza Ali, Chairman, Avid Institute of Research and Development; 
Omar Javaid, InCharge, Center of Entrepreneurial Development, PAFKIET

(This is a low resolution version for easy streaming and download)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Setting up a Designer Clothing Business in Rs. 15000

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From Home Based Food Distribution Business to a Resturant