About PAF-KIET (www.pafkiet.edu.pk)
HEC Recognized Institute founded by Pakistan Education Foundation in 1997. The institute conducts numerous graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral programs in Management Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology categories.
At present more then 3000 thousand students are enrolled in various programs being taught by numerous experienced and highly qualified scholars and professionals from the industry.

About Center of Entrepreneurial Development (C.E.D)
C.E.D intends develop entrepreneurial spirit among students. C.E.D is committed to develop graduates with ability to develop and run their own enterprise instead of spend their lives working for others.
Philosophy: Most business schools in Pakistan are geared towards developing managers and not entrepreneurs. The key difference between an entrepreneur and a manager is the ability of the entrepreneur to take the risk (investing his/her time, effort, and money) and not only to conceive an idea but also to implement the idea into a commercial/social venture with the objective of earning economic/social profits from it.
Experience shows that it is a spirit that is seldom acquired through teaching but can only be acquired by ‘doing the thing’. We have come to the conclusion that the only way of generating entrepreneurial spirit among the business graduates is to incorporate the experience of starting a new business venture as a part of their business curriculum. C.E.D attempts to do just that:
C.E.D helps students by providing consultation and advisory services to establish a business and also by incorporating business establishment process in their curriculum to enrich their learning experience at KIET.
Services: C.E.D is an advisory body and a business incubation centre determined to nurture students and their respective business. Advisory services include:
  • Help in identifying areas with business potential. 
  • Providing Help with developing Feasibilities 
  • Help startup problems, counseling, estimating working capital, and initial capital investment. 
  • Help with legal formalities and regulatory regimes. 
  • Procedures for registrations with FBR, EOBI, SESSI etc 
  • Help in getting appropriate mentors for their companies. 
  • Help to join other support groups such as Marketing Association, Management Association, HR association, Trade bodies, industry bodies etc. 
  • Connects students having pilot tested business Ideas with venture capitalists or investors. 
  • Arrange seminars and conferences on entrepreneurial related issues.
  • To develop socially responsible entrepreneurs who can actively contribute in solving economic problems of the country 
  • Encourage and promote a culture of self-employment. 
  • Reduce foreign dependence by stimulating local economy 
  • Develop business leaders of tomorrow
Entrepreneurship is a skill which cannot be learnt unless you practice it therefore the entire program is build around the pedagogical philosophy of constructivism, i.e. ‘learn by doing’. PAF-KIET lay down heavy emphasis on practical learning as this way a person learns many times more then only theory. Field work and project is thus an integral part of the each course. More specifically students will be empowered to create their business in the very beginning and grow it gradually by applying new things they learn in each semester. At the end of this program the student will have a practical experience of establishing and running a business of four years.

  • Talented students to have their own business at the end of program, enabling them to earn competitively in the market. 
  • Unlimited growth opportunities 
  • Possibility of investments for sound business ideas 
  • More Empowering fulfilling and satisfying carrier after education
  • Hands on practical experience of four years of makes the graduate even more qualified for the job market as compare to students of other universities.

For more details please contact
Omar Javaid,
Email: omar.javaid@pafkiet.edu.pk; FB: http://fb.me/javaid.omar ; Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/javaidomar