Monday, March 17, 2014

Conventional vs. Organic Model of Business Startup

By Omar Javaid

Since quite a while we have been exploring and experimenting an alternative methodology for a start-up for those who doesn't have much resources to initiate with. Though the method can be used by anyone. The conventional method taught in MBA programs where involving a venture capitalist is necessary also has a spectacular failure rate of more then 75% (see Shikar Ghosh's research) and according to some more then 90% (see Micheal Gerber's book 'E-Myth Revisited') in their first 5 year of inception.

This desperately demands an alternative method as well for the new comers who also can't afford to lose much. Besides the amazing failure rate of the conventional methodology itself is a good reason to find an alternative methodology. The following are some differentiating features for this alternative approach.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

INJAZ BSU Program for PAFKIET Students, for Free!

PAFKIET has signed an MoU with INJAZ Pakistan, now all students at PAFKIET who have a sound business idea can get themselves enrolled in this program for FREE!...