Friday, December 21, 2012

Mr. Andy Sharing Experience of his Network Marketing Business

Sheetal and Habib, students of BBA at PAF-KIET interviewed Mr. Andy Mansoori to learn about his entrepreneurial experience of setting up and managing his Network Marketing Business

Arshad Jawad, CEO Mr.Burger, Sharing his Entrepreneurial Experience

Interview taken by BBA students Jahanzaib and Waheed of PAF-KIET

CEO of shares his Entrepreneurial Experience

This is an Interview of Shayan Tahir, CEO of, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Pakistan perhaps, his brand is also a winner of Brand of the Year Awards... In this video he sharing his entrepreneurial experience with Saad and Ayesha, BBA students of PAF-KIET

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Steve Blank's Business Model Canvas

Please click here to download the Business Model Canvas template, its a simple tool to visualize and test your business plan model. Its divided into 9 parts, each of describes an aspect of your business model.

How to use: In the start you will fill in each of these sections with what you have imagined about each of 9 aspects of your business model. This will of course be hypothetical if you are doing it for the first time. After this, Blank suggests, you would use standard business research techniques like interviews and surveys with your stakeholders relevant with each aspect of the model. For example, your assumed value proposition, you need to interview your prospective customers or clients whether what they think about it etc. Blanks suggests that it takes around 8 iterations to finalize your model, as after each revision, you are suppose to recheck your assumptions again... watch this video to learn how it is done.

For further details please visit following two websites


Monday, October 8, 2012

Ejaad Lounge: Event to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The timings mentioned above are tentative, will be confirmed in a while, keep connected with the FB group for updates ... 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What It Really Means to Be an Entrepreneur

by Scott Steinberg at Huffington Post Blog

Many people like to romanticize entrepreneurship. As experienced business owners know though, the day-to-day reality of running any enterprise is hardly the stuff of which reality TV is made. More often than not, the average workweek is either an all-out sprint, emotional rollercoaster ride or heart-wrenching exercise in problem-solving and persistence -- sometimes all of the above. But therein lies the almost mystical appeal that continues to captivate millions, as reflected in countless rags-to-riches tales of scrappy underdogs chasing the American Dream, and the funhouse mirror of popular shows such as Shark Tank and The Apprentice.

Don't let Donald Trump or Richard Branson fool you, however: Few become self-made billionaires, and charting a haphazard course through the constantly-shifting commercial environment is a task that's nothing short of Sisyphean. Still, creating a company from scratch, then plotting a strategic road map to success come hell or high water, can be one of life's most uplifting and rewarding endeavors. Be forewarned, though, if you do decide to take the plunge -- a wise man once equated the process of incubating and stewarding startups to playing football. You'll fight tooth and nail to gain precious ground by the inch, only to then be brutally mauled and ridiculed by armchair quarterbacks when you're forced to cede hard-won advancements just seconds later. Resourcefulness and heart are what separate the winners from losers in this grudge match, though: Success is often simply a function of how many times you're willing to pick yourself up, brush off the dirt and get back in the game. Some days you gain yards, others lose them. Ultimately, all that matters is keeping the ball moving down field in the aggregate.

Car Wash Business in Rs. 10,000/-

By Farhan, Umer and Jahanzaib, BBA, main campus, PAFKIET

Launching a Brand in Rs. 30,000/-

By Samana, Nida, and group members, BBA, Main Campus PAF-KIET

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Business Idea Contest and Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Mr. Riaz Saleem: CEO of ETeamID ( which is a software development company offering a wide range of services and products in the areas of business software, interactive media and Internet applications.

Mr. Shahnawaz Khan: CEO, Mainfold Enterprise.

Mr. Faisal Mir: CEO of a distribution firm, which distribute three different types of milk with the name of Hormone 3, Organic Milk and Whole Milk.

Competition is based on videos contest made by entrepreneurship students of last semesters. Top three videos will get prizes. Competition is based on videos made by Entrepreneurship students of last semesters, the short listed videos are:

1) How to start a tourism business in Rs.5000

2) To start water delivery business with Rs 10,000

3) How to start a T - Shirt business in Rs 10,000.

4) How to start a French Fries business in Rs.10000.

5) How to start a Jeans/T-shirt trade business in Rs.10-15,000.

6) How to start a cake business in Rs.5000.

7) Business Idea: freelance graphic designing.

8) How to Start a HOME MADE FOOD service Business.

9) How to earn Rs 9,000 to Rs 15,000 from a French Fries Business.

10) Establish your own jeans trade business in just Rs.20,000.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Upgrading Business for Murtaza Hussain

by Rabia and Hira, BBA 1st Semester, PAFKIET City Campus

French Fries Business also possible in Rs. 13000/-

Note: Following YouTube is not visible to viewers in Pakistan, we regret the inconvenience this may have caused to you. You may use proxy sites to access this page with video. 

 By Ayesha Ahmed and team members, BS Acc&Fin, PAFKIET City Campus

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Footware Manufacturing Business in Rs. 50,000/-

By Faireh Ahmed, BBA 1st Semester, PAF-KIET Nazimabad Campus.

Note: Farieh was already in business when he took the course of entrepreneurship project in his 1st semester. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Use to Earn Money from Home

By Ayesha Shahid, BBA 1st Semester, Nazimabad Campus, PAF-KIET

(please dial +92 before the dialing the above numbers if calling from outside Pakistan)