Monday, October 14, 2013

Asad explains how he started a business is Rs. 5000

Asad Shah, a KIET main campus BBA student, explains how he started a Doc Tag business in just Rs. 5000. Please don't forget to like his page:

How to establish a Pizza Outlet

Imran Arain a PAFKIET student started a Pizza outlet near disco bakery 3 months ago. In this video he is explaining his experience. Please like his facebook page:

Jamal explaining his trade business

Jamal, a PAFKIET student, has a simple distribution business, in this video he explains how he started

CEO of Toxicity explains how he started his Business

Mustafa started his business around 3 years back, his portfolio of products, which includes mobile and laptop skins, perfumes, casual wear etc can be see at