Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's the best time to start a business & why?

You might have to ask this question if you don't belong to a business oriented family, where a job culture prevail instead ... the answer is simple: i.e. the best time to start a business is when you are studying ... that is right !!! why? because this is the time you have the luxury to experiment lots of things without much pressure; and with a little common sense and smart thinking you can avert yourself from making a loss, let alone making enough for your pocket money (by the way there are lots of examples from PAF-KIET, check Established Business page on this website) ... On the other hand, when you are passed out, the immediate pressure from your family to get a good job will hardly let you experiment anything to establish your career as an entrepreneur.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why Entrepreneurship should be a Preferred Carrier Choice for Business Graduates in Pakistan?

I have been asked often why I promote entrepreneurship to an extent that I don't even give career guidance to employment seekers ... Answer: lots of reasons, here they are: Entrepreneurship creates employment, and to know the importance of entrepreneurship you need to imagine the pain, humiliation & misery experienced during unemployment ... being unemployed is a horrifying, to know it you have to experience it; God Forbids ... and it gets even frightening when you have a family dependent on you ... often we heard about individuals committing suicides, killing their children, or giving them to orphanage house, let alone selling them in the market etc. all of this seems easy then to bear the pain & anxiety of being out of work... it is a little surprise why employment is one the top two most crucial problems of macroeconomics, the other one being the inflation.