Monday, February 18, 2013

Your Career is for Your Life

By Admin (Unedited, pardon for any grammatical mistakes)

So (a) is your life is for your career, or (b) your career is for your life? When I ask this 99% respond that its 'b'... the remaining 1% are confused about the question. So when your career is for your life, just like you eat to stay alive, and don't stay alive to eat, then the next question which eventually comes is 'What your life is for then?'

This is the question which I ask in response to the question put in front of me by some student "Sir may BBA karon ke BE, ya BS main transfer karalon?" etc... they ask me about the next step they want to take, and when I ask them what is your ultimate destination toward which your this step (your degree) will take you, they are clueless, looking left & right...

My dear brothers and sisters, you first need to plan your life and what you ultimately want to achieve, i.e. something so worthy that after spending your entire live journeying toward that destination, you say that it was all worth it, and you don't feel an atom of regret for wasting even a single moment while travelling toward this destination, goal, target, vision, or what ever you may want to call it.

How do you know what that be? This is a lengthy time consuming process, therefore the earlier it starts the quicker you will be able to figure out what that ultimate goal of your life would be... some students are so oblivious that they say 'Sir abhi to zindagi pari he sochne ke liye, guzerne do jesi guzar rahi hai'... they don't realize while making this assertion, that while drifting away on the currents of time, they would eventually waste the most precious moments of their lives they would ever get, i.e. their golden age from 17 to 27 (+ - 1 year)..

This should bring more questions in your mind, but instead of anticipating them and trying to answer them in advance, I would prefer you students to put them forward, and then I will try to answer them...

thats all for now....

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